Are Roller Blinds the Best Choice For Conservatories?

Conservatories and summer rooms have a great deal of glazing. Consequently, they will need more thought with their window treatments than just about any other room in the home. Interior designers tend to fall into one of two schools of thought when it comes to making shade in conservatories. Some will say that it is a good idea to have a practical means of blocking the sun out, whereas others will recommend glazing that is tinted so that you are not exposed to too much glare in the first place. Both have their merits, but if your conservatory is already built, then you won't have this option. In such cases, you can look at curtains, Venetian blinds and a raft of other shade-making solutions. That said, roller blinds will often be the best option. Why?

  • A Low-Cost Solution

One of the best things to recommend roller blinds in any interior design setting is that they are a low-cost option. Of course, they also look good, so they do not come across as cheap. Rather, these types of blinds constitute an elegant way of making your conservatory shadier without needing to break the bank. Given that you are going to need to hang them across multiple windows and glazed doorways, this is the best approach to take to keep your expenditure down. In fact, the only place they are not genuinely practical is for the overhead glazing, but you can still obtain coordinating products for these parts of your conservatory if you want to maintain a uniform look.

  • Made to Measure or Cut to Size

Many people will want to have their roller blinds made for them so that they can be installed easily in their conservatory. A typical approach will be to have blinds that reach from the top of each window to the floor, spanning the width of each section of glazing plus one frame's width. This way, the blinds can be set up side-by-side to cover the entire conservatory neatly meeting in the middle of each frame. Although tailored blinds will be a bit more expensive, this approach is usually worth it. The alternative is to cut them to size yourself, for which you will need nothing more than a hacksaw and a pair of craft scissors.

  • Numerous Design Options

Although roller blinds have fairly standardised mechanisms – a good thing because that makes them easy to operate – there are lots and lots of designs to choose from. Any colour tone and pattern can be made into a blind of this type. You can even have bespoke ones printed for you of your own design ideas!

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