Everything You Need to Know About Home Water Filters

Dirty, untreated or unfiltered water can lead to water-borne diseases. It can also cause damage to your plumbing, faucets and hot water systems. Therefore, if you know that you are sourcing your water from a borehole or a stream, it is wise to purchase a home water filter. This is not the only thing a home water filter does. It can also soften hard water and remove the taste and smell of chlorine from water. This might be common to those who receive their water from a public water supply system. Hard water damages your plumbing; it can also take longer to heat, meaning your water heating bill might rack up. Here's what you need to know when choosing a home water filter.

Find A Water Quality Specialist

Water quality specialists test the quality of your source of water. This helps identify its content and thus determine the kind of home water filter you need.

If you source water from a borehole or stream, it might have plenty of contaminants and dirt. Some of these contaminants may not be treated by various home water filters, meaning your water might need to be first treated using various chemicals in a storage tank before getting to your home water filter. A water quality specialist will guide you on treating the water before it reaches your home water filter.

You might also come across complex and expensive home water filters that can remove heavy metals, sediments, disease-causing microorganisms and bacteria from water, meaning you won't need to treat the water first in a storage container.

A water quality specialist might also be important if you source water from a public water supply. Since the water is already treated, the specialist can help you determine whether your water is hard and whether you need a home water filter to soften it.

Find A Home Water Filter Specialist

Give your water quality test results to a home water filter specialist. The results will help the specialist recommend the home water filters that are most suitable for your water quality.

Expect recommendations for home water filters that may be attached to either the nozzle of your faucets, the piping under the sink or your water mains. Let your home water filter specialist guide you in choosing the best position because several factors have to be considered. Examples of these factors include your source of water and the type of home water filter you need based on the water quality test.