Tips You Should Consider When Maintaining Your Security Screens

For years, many homeowners have relied on security screens to protect their homes. If you have installed security screen windows and doors, you already know how effective they are at securing your home. But like other components in your home, your screen doors and windows need to be maintained adequately so they can remain useful for longer. This way, you'll get more value on your investment and protect your loved ones too.

However, most people rarely clean their security screens, and when they do, the task isn't done correctly. It is wrong to wait until the dirt in your security door or windows is visible to clean them up — regular cleaning or maintenance is better. After all, your doors and windows also make the first impression on your guests. Below are some security screen maintenance tips you should consider.

Consider the environmental conditions

As aforementioned, you shouldn't wait until your screens are filthy to clean them. The environmental conditions of your area will determine how often you should clean the screens. Certain climates or locations will allow you to do your cleaning monthly, while others will necessitate a bi-weekly cleaning schedule. For instance, if you live near a beachfront, you'll need to wash your screens monthly or after two weeks. People living in areas that are exposed to dusty conditions should clean their screens more often as well.

Use the right cleaning supplies

The cleaning products you use to maintain your security screens will determine the success or failure of your maintenance efforts. For this reason, you must pick the right supplies. Your location or environmental conditions will dictate the kind of cleaning products you should get. Therefore, determine the dirt your security screens are exposed to and its impact on the doors or windows. Simple dirt removal only requires soapy water and a soft cloth. However, if you live in a humid or coastal location, you must pick cleaning products that can remove salt and prevent corrosion. Talk to your screens installer or manufacturer to know the cleaning products you should use.

Get expert help

If you cannot find the time to clean your security screens or you prefer not to DIY, you should consider hiring an expert to handle the cleaning on your behalf. These professionals know the best cleaning techniques for different forms of dirt and will use the right products, too. Your dirty screen windows and doors will be deep cleaned without scratching the screens or damaging the finish. Speak with a professional who provides security screens to learn more.