3 Reasons to Install Solar Motorised Shutters

Motorised shutters can run off a main electricity supply or a solar power. If you want to add automation to your new shutters, then solar power is an option worth considering. Why?

1. No Need to Hard Wire

Traditional shutter motors are hardwired to the electrical system in your home. Your electrician connects the shutter system to your power supply to give them a power source.

Solar-powered motorised systems use small solar panels on or close to the shutters to create energy. This energy then feeds into a battery which powers the shutters for you. As a result, you don't need to worry about wiring the shutters to your supply. You won't need any work done on internal walls. It doesn't matter if your shutters aren't close to electrical cabling; they don't need to be.

2. No Additional Energy Costs

Hard-wired motorised shutters use electricity whenever you open or close them. While this may not be a massive power drain in the great scheme of things, it's still something that contributes to your electricity bills.

If you install a solar motorised system, then the system runs without costs. It makes its own power. Even when the sun is down, the battery holds energy that the panels absorbed during the day. You won't see any increase in your electricity costs even if you install shutters on every window or door in your home.

3. No Shutdown During Outages

If you have a power outage and your shutters connect to your electricity supply, then they will stop working when the power goes out. You may have a manual override or a battery back-up, but finding and using these in the dark won't be easy.

There may be times when you really need to shut your shutters quickly. For example, if you live in a cyclone region or if there is a bush-fire, then closing your shutters down gives your home useful extra protection.

If you use a solar motor, then standard or emergency power outages won't be a problem. Your shutters aren't dependent on the mains supply; they'll carry on working. So, you can use them as normal and close them down quickly if you need to protect your home.

Talk to local suppliers to learn more about solar motorised shutters and their benefits. They can explain how these systems work and how you can use them on your windows and doors. Contact companies that sell motorised shutters to learn more about your options.