Why Choose Roller Blinds To Complement a Modern Design Style?

If you would like to create a strident and appealing look in your home, then finding a window treatment that is suitable for your sense of style is crucial.  Australian homes often have very dynamic floor treatments and even wall coverings, but these are frequently let down by inappropriate window treatments. Some people simply like old-fashioned curtains no matter how contemporary the rest of their interior decor happens to be. Therefore, if you are looking for something more appropriate, then roller blinds will often offer the best solution. Why are they so useful in terms of contemporary interior design?

An Unfussy Look

Firstly, when a roller blind is pulled down, it can create a single expanse of colour that you can use as a blank canvas. Unlike Venetian blinds or Roman ones, for example, a roller blind provides a continuity of appearance when it is dropped. Therefore, extremely plain looks can be achieved with ease—something that is great if you have a modern take on a minimalist look throughout your home.

Personalised Graphics

Because roller blinds are made from modern fabrics today, you can also get very dynamic patterns printed on them with a minimum of fuss. So, if you have chevrons and zigzags on your wallpaper, for instance, then you can replicate their angle by having roller blinds made for you which will match them exactly. What's more, unlike other sorts of window treatments, doing so will not compromise how much light you will be able to shut out. This is due to the fact that most modern materials used are able to handle the hot Australian sun extremely effectively by filtering out all of the UV light that would otherwise come through.

Fully Retractable

Sometimes you do not want your window treatment to be seen at all. In terms of interior design, this can be a problem if you have curtains which, even when they are tied back, are always still on view. The same goes for Roman blinds, of course, as well. However, with a roller blind in particular, this is much less of an issue because even very large expanses of glazing can be fully on show when you retract the product fully. This makes them the ideal choice for contemporary interior design styles which will favour lots of glazing but where privacy is nevertheless an issue that should not be overlooked.

Reach out to blinds suppliers for more information about your options.